Ripley Davenport: Dreamer & Doer.


Despite his obvious flaws - Ripley didn’t go head-to-head with Otto Ernst Lindemann during Operation Rheinübung. He didn’t drum for The Police in Chicago, Illinois in July 1983 at the original Comiskey Park. Ripley never took the helm of a SP600 hydroplane for an absolute water speed record or clinked drinks with Barack Obama. There’s definitely no Pulitzer for publishing an exposé on the shanty towns of Ulaanbaatar either. It’s fair to say that Ripley did not high five the ghost of Joshua Slocum on the way to allowing Robert Capa to shoot his portrait.

He may have climbed a few mountains, wandered across deserts, swam stormy seas, selflessly saved lives and dived into the abyss on one breath. There’s even a rumour that he completed one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world.

Perhaps Ripley is one of life's Walter Mitty types.